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Masha and the Firebird Book Review

Masha and the Firebird Book Review Masha and the Firebird is an award-winning book by Margaret Bateson-Hill and illustrated by Anne Wilson. This book was originally published in 1999 (republished … Continue Reading Masha and the Firebird Book Review


Autumn Leaf Activities for Children

The following post contains a range of different autumn leaf activities for children that are related to the autumn season. I’ve done some of these at home with my children and others I have used as teaching activities in school. They all have a teaching and learning objective in mind, but some of them are focused on creative arts and design, whilst others are maths or science focused.

Sorting, Rocks!

Rocks can be all sorts of fun for sorting! They can be sorted by size, shape, colour. They can be sorted in groups or it can be done in gradients. Children can be free to sort them and organise them in any way they like. It’s a great way for children to begin to think about similarities and differences and how things can be similar in some ways and different in others.