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Ideas to Teach Literacy Outdoors – Reading & Writing

Activities to Teach Literacy Outdoors – Teaching Reading and Writing Outside There has been lots of research to show the benefits of learning outside, so these are some of my … Continue Reading Ideas to Teach Literacy Outdoors – Reading & Writing

Autumn Leaf Activities for Children

The following post contains a range of different autumn leaf activities for children that are related to the autumn season. I’ve done some of these at home with my children and others I have used as teaching activities in school. They all have a teaching and learning objective in mind, but some of them are focused on creative arts and design, whilst others are maths or science focused.

Numeral & Dice Rocks – Ordering Numbers

My children love playing with rocks and pebbles in the garden. Writing numerals and sets of dots on them provides an opportunity for them to see and use numerals during their everyday play. Having these around for children to play with allows them to become familiar with numerals and numbers and gives them the opportunity for them to incorporate them into their daily play.