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Best Summer Picture Books for Preschoolers & Kids

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Best Summer Picture Books

These are some of the best summer picture books for children to enjoy. They have fun summer related themes and topics that will help children understand the seasons and weather. In addition, these books will help children link to their personal experiences of the summer. I’ve also included recommended ages though these are flexible, and older and younger children will also enjoy them!

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Books about the Summer Season

And then Comes Summer (Tom Brenner)  (4-8 years)

I See Summer (Charles Ghigna) (2-4 years)

Summer in the Forest (Rusty Finch)  (2-5 years)

Summer is Here (Heidi Gray)  (2-8 years)

Fletcher and the Summer Show (Julia Rawlison) (3-8 years)

Mouse’s First Summer (Lauren Thompson) (2-4 years)

Summer Picture Books about the Beach

How to Code a Sandcastle (Josh Funk) (4-8 years)

Sharing a Shell (Julia Donaldson)  (2-5 years)

A House for Hermit Crab (Eric Carle)  (2-6 years)

Lucy & Tom at the Seaside (Shirley Hughes)  (3-5 years)

Saffron Ice Cream (Rashin Kheiriyeh) (4-8 years)

Perfect (Danny Parker) (2-5 years)

What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside (Julia Donaldson)   (3-7 years)

The Big Book of Blue (Yuval Zommer) (3-5 years)

Hello Lighthouse (Sophie Blackall)  (3-5 years) (UK)

The Sandcastle that Lola Built (Megan Maynor) (3-5 years)

The Singing Mermaid (Julia Donaldson) (2-6 years)

Harry by the Sea (Gene Zion) (4-8 years)

Busy Beach (Campbell Books)  (Baby – 5 years)

Curious George Curious About Summer (0-3 years)

Holidays and Summer Activities

Llama Llama Loves Camping (Anna Dewdney)  (4-6 years)

Busy Holiday (Sebastien Braun)  (1-5 years)

Maisy Goes Camping (Lucy Cousins) (3-5 years)

Sun (Sam Usher)  (3-7 years)

Summer Supper (Rubin Pfeffer)  (3-7 years)

Creepy Crawly / Minibeast Books

Summer Walk (Virginia Snow)  (4-8 years)

The Honeybee (Kirsten Hall) (4-8 years)

Some Bugs (Angela DiTerlizzi) (1-4 years)

Big Book of Bugs (Yuval Zommer) (3-5 years)

My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis (Paul Meisel) (4-8 years)

I hope you find this list of best summer-themed picture books for preschoolers and children helpful! You may also want to see some of my other season themed book lists, such as Autumn Themed Books, Winter Picture Books, or Spring Picture Books.

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