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Reading Tree – Setting up a Reading Area Outside

How to Set up a Reading Area Outside

In this post we will look at how to set up a reading area outside with a reading tree. This will make an enticing place for children to read books outside with a reading tree. Its perfect for the summertime when children may need a quiet, cool place to escape the heat. Children love being outside when the weather is nice so this is a great way to encourage them to read when they are enjoying the sunshine.

What you need

Tie the string in big loops around branches and then hang the books through the loops. When the wind blows it makes for a magical space for children to enjoy looking at books. If you live where it could rain at any time of the year, I would recommend getting plastic covers or better yet, use bath books. If you are worried about damaging the books binding you can fold a long thin piece of card down the centre of the books for the loop of string to rest within.

What they get from it

A reading tree can provide a relaxed and fun place for children to enjoy books. Many young children find it difficult to be indoors for long periods during the day and it will gives those children who want to be outside all day long, the opportunity to enjoy reading out of doors.

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