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Leaf Man Activities- Make Leaf Man Move!

Leaf Man Activities- Making Leaf People

This post looks at how to make leaf people (including ones that can move) and links to other Leaf Man Activities (see below). Making leaf people is inspired by the book Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlers. This book provides beautiful illustrations of different people made from beautiful autumn leaves. After reading this book, children can make their own leaf people. They can either glue down the leaves on a single piece of paper or, for an extra challenge, on a paper stick figure. With the latter, it is possible to make it so the leaf person moves – a paper arm or all the arms and legs can be a fastened to the body with a paper fastener(s). This allows the appendages to rotate and move around. Leaves can then be stuck down on top so then the leaf person can move.

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What you need to make a leaf man

Questions to ask

  • Tell me about your leaf person.
  • What colour are your leaves?
  • Why did you choose that one to make the head, leg, etc.?
  • Does your leaf person move? How did you do that?

The above picture of the Leaf Man book is link to Amazon if you are interested in buying it.

What they get from it

Making a leaf man or leaf person that can move is a great way to begin to introduce young children to design and technology. They can use materials to make a something that has a simple purpose and function. Children also can be creative and make leaf people or animals in a range of different ways.

Take it further

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