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Letter Formation for Preschoolers – Teaching Writing Outside

Letter formation for preschoolers. Practicing writing letters outside.

Letter Formation for Preschoolers- Teaching Writing Outside

This letter formation for preschoolers activity is a fun way to teach writing outside! Children get really excited about painting with water, especially with glitter in it. This is ideal for those who are just beginning to learn how to form letters or need more practice tracing over them.  If they are just starting out and/or need practice making large letters, it is best to do this outside.  That way letters can be made large and the children have plenty of space to make large movements. When they need to practice making smaller letters, it is also possible to write on something like a tuff spot.  Children can trace the letters written in chalk using paintbrushes dipped in water (glittery water optional). 

It’s also important for children to practice the correct pencil grip (3 fingers) if they are writing smaller letters (in which case you need brushes with smaller handles so they can get their fingers around it). However, if you’re doing bigger letters, bigger brushes with a bigger handle would be fine. The focus would be on larger movements rather than fine motor control.

What you need to do – Letter Formation for Preschoolers Outside

Questions to ask

  • What letter are you writing? What sound does that letter make?
  • Where do you start your paintbrush when making that letter? 
  • Can you show me in the air how you would form that letter?

What they get from it

It’s really important for children to practice proper letter formation as well as correct pencil grip so that people will be able to read their handwriting.  Many younger children prefer being outside so this is a great opportunity to get children motivated to practice their letter formation- something that isn’t always enjoyable or easy to get children to do.  Teaching writing outside with this activity is something that parents can also do if their children need extra practice with writing.

Take it further – Teaching Writing Outside

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