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Activities to Teach Numbers – Autumn Counting Activities

Activities to teach numbers with numicon and nuts.

Activities to Teach Numbers- Autumn Counting Activities

This post contains a small collection of activities to teach numbers while focusing on autumn counting activities. I’m sure I will have more to come!

During the autumn season, there are many exciting things in nature for children to collect and count. It’s a great opportunity to help children to practice counting one-to-one. This means getting them to count one number for every single object that they pick up or move. As children can collect many leaves or nuts quickly, they will be able to collect what is needed to do these activities! 😉

Matching the Numeral with the Number of Autumn Leaves or Nuts Activity

Have the children count how many leaves, acorns, horse chestnuts, etc. that they have collected. Next, have them pick out the numeral that represents this number (or you can show them the numeral). This is a great way for children to practice counting one-to-one and also to match the number/numeral to go with the value. This activity can help children begin to identify the numerals to match the value or number of objects.

See the Autumn Object Counting section in my Autumn Leaf Activities for Children Post.

Counting Autumn Leaves to go with the Number Activity

This is similar to the activity above, but instead of counting the objects first, they pick the number first. This is a slightly harder skill as children won’t just need to be able to count the number of objects. Instead, they will need to count out a specific number of leaves/objects from a set. They can then put the group of objects to go with the numeral. See my How to Teach Children to Count using Autumn Objects Post for more details on how to do this.

Counting Autumn Nuts with Numicon to Teach Numbers

In terms of difficulty, this activity to teach numbers is somewhere in between the first two. It is a way to help children develop the ability to count out a set number of objects from a larger group. First, the children pick out the Numicon that goes with a specific number. The arrangement on Numicon, like on dice, makes it easy to quickly recognize the value. This is known as subitizing. Children also have the option of counting out the holes on the Numicon until they find the right number. Then they can count out the set number of horse chestnuts, acorns, etc. They won’t have to think as hard about when they need to stop counting as the Numicon will remind them when they have counted out the correct amount. See my post on Counting with Numicon (Autumn).

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