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Something’s Eating the Garden – Children’s Book Review

Something's Eating the Garden.  Book review Pam Fries.

Something’s Eating the Garden

“Something’s Eating the Garden” is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that is enjoyable for very young children, as well as adults.  A playful interaction take place between, Papa, and his grandchild, enjoying time together out in Papa’s amazing garden. The adventure begins when Papa discovers that something is eating his garden, and the child tries to solve the mystery by guessing what it could be. Each guess has bright illustrations to go along with it. The child comes up with many different ideas- a raccoon, a deer, a pig or even a crocodile, only to discover that it’s something very different!

My children love the rhymes, as well as the beautiful pictures of the animals in the garden.  The first time I read this with my three-year-old he was held in suspense. He wanted to know what could be eating the garden! He was convinced that it was the slugs and snails. I won’t give away the ending, but he loved the plot twist and talked about it for the rest of the evening!

As an adult, I really enjoyed discovering this book. It transported me back to my childhood days visiting my grandparent’s farm.  The writing conveys great love and brings up spacial feelings of warmth and nostalgia when I read it to my children.  It reminds me to enjoy all the small, yet wonderful moments I have with them.  I think others will also feel the great warmth this book exudes through this simple and beautiful story.

As a teacher and mother, I think this is a wonderful book for reading to young children at home or in preschool.  It is an ideal book to read before bedtime.  There are some lovely easy rhymes that children can join in on. As a teacher, I like to read books related to the topics I’m teaching. This book is great for teaching about gardening and healthy eating. It could also be related to topics about plants or animals.

About the Author

Pam Fries is an award-winning artist, as well as illustrator and author of the much-loved children’s book, “Something’s Eating the Garden”. Her book has been featured on Fox 15 Kidlit TV and in newspapers. She has been a guest on multiple podcast.  She is currently in the process of creating a coloring activity book and another 2 books are also in the pipeline.

This book was a work from the heart and has been one of pain and Grace for Pam. She published her book soon after the death of her husband, “Papa”. They were together for 40 years. The book gave her purpose again. She enjoys speaking to schools and women’s groups. She has 5 beautiful grandchildren, a dog and 21 chickens! 

Something's Eating the Garden.  Book review Pam Fries.

You can reach her through Facebook, Instagram @pamjfriesartist, email or her website Might Lion Press

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