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Best Winter Books for Toddlers – Winter Picture Books

Best Winter Books for Toddlers - Winter Picture Books

Best Winter Picture Books for Toddlers

These are some of the best winter picture books for toddlers. They are a lovely way to introduce ideas about seasons and to discuss the types of things children might notice and experience in winter. These stories will help children to enjoy more fully what they observe in nature. I have enjoyed sharing these with children at school as well as with my own children.

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Snowballs (Rise and Shine) (Louis Ehlert)

Snowballs is a simple book about different objects that that are used to create a snow family. 

The Snowy Day (Ezra Jack Keats)

The Snowy Day is a classic children’s book about a little boy who enjoys the simple pleasures of a day playing in the snow. It won the Caldecott Medal.

Winter’s Song (Suzanne Barton)

Winter’s Song is a beautiful story about a little robin’s first winter.

Winter Dance (Marion Bauer) 

Winter Dance is a book about a young fox who doesn’t know what to do as winter sets in and snow begins to fall. The other animals show the fox what they do to get ready for wintertime.

The Mitten (Jan Brett)

The Mitten is an award-winning book based on a Ukrainian folk tale. It’s a beautifully illustrated story about what happens when a boy loses his mitten in the snow, and some animals find it.

Wolf in the Snow (Matthew Cordell)

Wolf in the Snow is Caldecott winning book about a little girl who finds and helps a wolf pup who is lost in a snowstorm. The story is told through beautiful illustrations but no text.

Snow (Sam Usher)

Snow is about a boy’s day off from school due to heavy snow. The boy brings his grandad to play in the snow in the park, and they meet some surprising animals there.

Snow (Walter de la Mare)

Snow is a book made from the poem by Walter de la Mare. There are beautiful illustrations that go along with the simple text.

The Storm Whale in Winter (Benji Davies)

The Storm Whale in Winter is a sequel to the Storm Whale book. It is about friendship and how to care for others. This book is perfect for older toddlers. 

Winter is Here (Heidi Gray)

Winter is Here one of a series of books about the four seasons. It is a lovely book for young children to learn about wintertime and different seasons.

Winter is Here (Kevin Henkes)

Winter is Here is a simple book about different experiences in the wintertime. It is perfect for younger children.

What Can You See in Winter? (Sian Smith)

What Can You See in Winter is an information book about the wintertime.

Tracks in the Snow (Wong Herbert Yee)

Tracks in the Snow is about a little girl who follows tracks outside her house. She eventually realizes that they are her own tracks from the previous day when they lead her back home. It is appropriate for older toddlers.

Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter (Eugenie Doyle)

Sleep Tight Farm is a picture book about how a family gets a farm ready for the snow that comes in winter. It is an excellent book for older toddlers.

Worm Weather (Jean Taft)

Worm Weather is a simple book about rainy weather and the enjoyment of playing in the rain.

I hope that you enjoy these lovely winter books with your toddlers! You may also want to see some of my other posts such as Autumn Themed Books (UK), Christmas Picture Books (UK) or Winter Picture Books for Kids (USA).

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