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Best Halloween Books for Preschool

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This post looks at the best Halloween books for preeschool children. It contains affiliate links in case you would like to buy one of the books or see reviews on Amazon.

Some of these Halloween books for preschool also include topics such as witches and pumpkins. You may also want to see my post on Autumn Themed books.

Reading books with your children provides them with an opportunity to learn new vocabulary. It can also help them learn about new topics or holidays and understand how the world works. A number of these books also include counting, so they are also great for helping children learn about and understand numbers.

Best Halloween Books for Preschool

“>Meg and Mog (Helen Nicoll and Jan Bienkowski). The Meg and Mog series is about a witch whose spells don’t seem to go as planned. “>This is a link to a set of 10 of the Meg and Mog books.

Meg and Mog book. Best Halloween Books for Preschool.

“>Funny Bones (Janet and Allan Ahlberg). The original Funnybones book is a classic story about a skeleton family that goes out one night to scare people. There are also some follow up stories but I haven’t read these and there seem to be mixed reviews.

Funny Bones.  Best Halloween Books for Preschool.

“>Room on the Broom (Julia Donaldson). This is another classic (rhyming) book by Julia Donaldson about friendship and quick wits.

room on the broom. Best Halloween Books for Preschool.

“>Ten Little Monsters (Mike Brownlow). Ten Little Monsters is a fun counting book about 10 little monsters that disappear one at a time. It has great rhymes! There are several other similar books such as Ten Little Pirates, Ten Little Princesses, Ten Little Dinosaurs, etc. We have several of them!

good halloween themed countin book.  Best Halloween Books for Preschool

Goodnight, Little Monster (Helen Kettleman). This is a fun rhyming bedtime book about a little monster getting ready for bed.

Best Halloween Books for Preschool. good night little monster.

“>Five Little Pumpkins (Ben Mantle). Here is another fun rhyming book about Halloween for very small children.

5 little pumpkins.  Halloween book.  Best Halloween Books for Preschool

“>Pumpkin Soup (Helen Cooper). This rhythmic book is about friends making pumpkin soup.

pumpkin soup.  Book about animal friends.  Best Halloween Books for Preschool

Ten Timid Ghosts (Jennifer O’Connell). This is a cute little rhyming counting (countdown book) for young children.

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