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Good Dragon Books for Children

Good Dragon Books for Children.  dragon themed books.
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Good Dragon-Themed Picture Books for Children

There are many good dragon-themed books for children, and these are some of my favourites! These are all picture books and work well for preschool and elementary school children (children in nursery and primary school). Some of these books work better for younger children and some for older, and others work well for a wide age range.

“>Zog (Julia Donaldson)

Zog is a wonderful rhyming book with repeating refrains that young children enjoy. I also love that one of the heroines in this book is a princess who wants to become a doctor.

“>Zog and the Flying Doctors (Julia Donaldson)

‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’ is the sequel to Zog. In this book Princess Pearl, Zog and the knight fly around helping people in their new role as doctors. Like Julia Donaldson’s other books it is full of great rhymes and refrains.

“>Dragons Love Tacos (Adam Rubin)

Dragons Love Tacos is a top-selling children’s book in the United States. This book has great humour that both adults and children enjoy and is great for reading with expression. Perfect for dragon lovers and taco lovers!

“>Dragons Love Tacos 2 (Adam Rubin)

This is a sequel to Adam Rubin’s original Dragons Love Tacos. Like the first book, it has great humour. It is a great book for getting children to read with expression.

Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain

This is a beautiful and creative book for school children to enjoy. The story is about a girl who makes exquisite paper presents, an evil Emporer, and a dragon. At the back of the book there are inspirational ideas so that children can try it themselves. I have had the pleasure of working with Margaret Bateson-Hill in my classrooms and she is a wonderfully creative and inspirational author!

“>George and the Dragon (Chris Wormell)

This is a fun and humorous book for young children about a dragon and a mouse. I’ve used this book in my literacy classes and children love reading and writing about this book!

“>Billy and the Dragon (Nadia Shireen)

This is a bright and colourful book full of humour. Young children love this book and it is lovely to have a young girl as a heroine.

“>There is No Dragon in this Story (Lou Carter)

This is a fun book that goes through many of the classic fairytales. The dragon desperately wants to be a hero in one of the stories… I would recommend that children be familiar with classic stories to help them understand and enjoy this book.

“>Dragon Post (Emma Yarlett)

This is a fun book for children to enjoy reading at home or in school. The little boy in the book writes letters and receives letters back so there are some fun letters for children to open up 5 letters from different people. Children enjoy this book and it can also be great for teaching young writers in school.

“>There’s a Dragon in your Book (Tom Fletcher)

This is a lovely interactive book for young children. The humour is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers – they love reading it again and again!

“>Franklin’s Flying Bookshop (Jen Campbell)

This is a beautiful book about a girl who loves books and a dragon who loves books. The suggested age range is 3-7-year-olds but older children (and adults) will enjoy this as well. There are two other follow up books: Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales & Franklin and Luna go to the Moon.

“>Have you seen my Blankie (Lucy Rowland)

This is a lovely rhyming story about a princess, her blankie and a dragon. It has a lovely message about how to get what you need as well as caring for others.

“>Room on the Broom (Julia Donaldson)

This lovely rhyming book is about making friends and helping others. Luckily good friends and quick thinking help the witch out of a sticky situation with a dragon!

“>How to Light your Dragon (Didier Levy)

This is a fun and colourful book about how to light a dragon if he loses his fire. It is a particularly fun book for young children.

“>Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter Yarrow)

This book is based on the classic song, Puff the Magic Dragon. The book also comes with a CD with the song.

“>The Worst Princess (Anna Kemp & Sara Ogilvie)

This is a fun rhyming book about a princess who doesn’t do what is expected of her- she befriends a dragon. A hilarious book that goes against princess stereotypes.

“>The Paper Bag Princess (Robert Munsch)

This book is in a similar vein to ‘The Worst Princess’ and emphasizes the importance of the person and their actions rather than their social status or clothes. This is a great story of a strong girl standing up to a dragon.

“>Fergal is Fuming (Robert Starling)

This is a lovely book about a dragon with big emotions and a bit of a temper! This is a great book for talking to children about feelings. There are some great strategies to help children deal with frustrations.

“>Fergal in a Fix (Robert Starling)

This is a follow up to Fergal is Fuming. In this book, Fergal goes to camp and explores emotions and situations around trying to fit in and make friends.

“>Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays (John Stal)

This is a book about two characters trying to tell stories about dragons. Children find this book funny and entertaining.

I hope that this list of good dragon-themed books for children has been helpful. Please let me know if there are any other good ones that you know or discover!

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