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Books about Winter – Best Winter Picture Books for Kids

Books about Winter – Best Winter Picture Books for Kids

Books about Winter – Best Winter Picture Books for Kids

The following is a large selection of some of the best winter picture books for kids, which will help them to enjoy and learn about winter.  These stories are a lovely way for children to connect with what they observe during the wintertime. I have included some approximate intended ages for these books, though children a bit younger and older will enjoy them as well.

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The Snowy Day (Ezra Jack Keats)

The Snowy Day is a classic children’s book about a little boy who enjoys the simple pleasures of a day playing in the snow. It won the Caldecott Medal. (2-5 years)

Over and Under the Snow (Kate Messner)  

Over and Under the Snow is a book about what happens with animals above and below ground during winter. This picture book is great for introducing children to basic concepts about natural sciences. It is also great for learning about the Subnivean Zone and the animals that need it to survive. (5-8 years)

Owl Moon (Jane Yolen)

Owl Moon is a beautiful book about a father and daughter searching for an owl one winter night. It is a classic book that won the Caldecott Medal. (3-7 years)

Snowflake Bentley (Jacqueline Martin)

Snowflake Bentley is a true story about a meteorologist, who was also a snowflake photographer and enthusiast. This incredible story won the Caldecott Medal in 1999. (4-7 years)

Winter’s Song (Suzanne Barton)

Winter’s Song is a beautiful story about a little robin’s first winter. (2-6 years)

One Snowy Night (A Tale from Percy’s Park) (Nick Butterworth)

One Snowy Night is about a zookeeper who helps feed the animals at the zoo. Then, one cold, snowy night he finds he needs to do more than feed the animals. (3-6 years)

Snowballs (Rise and Shine) (Louis Ehlert)

Snowballs is a simple book about different objects that that are used to create a snow family. (2+ years)

Wolf in the Snow (Matthew Cordell)

Wolf in the Snow is Caldecott winning book about a little girl who finds and helps a wolf pup who is lost in a snowstorm. It is told through beautiful illustrations but no text.

Scooper and Dumper (Lindsay Ward)

Scooper and Dumper are two trucks who work together to get jobs done. When a snowstorm hits, they work together to clear the roads and help the city. (3-7 years)

Winter is Here (Kevin Henkes)

Winter is Here is a simple book about different wintertime experiences. It is perfect for younger children. (3-8 years)

Winter is Here (Heidi Gray)

Winter is Here is one of a series of books about the four seasons. It is a lovely book for young children to learn about wintertime. (3-8 years)

Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story (Sean Taylor & Alex Morss)

Winter Sleep is a beautiful story about how the earth goes to sleep in the wintertime. (5-7 years)

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter (Kenard Pak)

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter is a book that follows a brother and sister out in nature, observing the seasons changing from autumn into winter. (3-8 years)

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring (Kenard Pak)

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring is the follow on book to Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter. It is a simple book about what children observe in winter and how things begin to change going into spring. (3-8 years)

The Mitten (Jan Brett)

The Mitten is an award-winning book based on a Ukrainian folk tale. It’s a beautifully illustrated story about what happens when a boy loses his mitten in the snow, and some animals find it. (1-4 years)

Mice Skating (Annie Silvestro)

Mice Skating is about a mouse who wants to play outside with her friends rather than burrowing down for winter. (4-7 years)

The Tea Party in the Woods (Akiko Miyakoshi)

The Tea Party in the Woods is a story about a little girl who stumbles upon a tea party on the way to her grandmother’s house. It seems to take some inspirations from Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. (4-7 years)

Gruffalo’s Child (Julia Donaldson)

The Gruffalo’s Child is a sequel to the classic story “The Gruffalo”. The Gruffalo’s child sneaks out one snowy winter’s night to find out if the ‘terrifying’ mouse exists. (4-7 years)

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder (Mark Cassino)

The Story of Snow explores the science of snow and answers many questions that children may have about snow. (5-8 years)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Tim Hopgood)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland is a singalong book based on an adaptation of the classic song, Winter Wonderland. (2- 6 years)

Winter Dance (Marion Bauer) 

Winter Dance is a book about a young fox who doesn’t know what to do as winter sets in and snow begins to fall. The other animals show the fox what they do to get ready for wintertime. (Baby – 3 years)

The Storm Whale in Winter (Benji Davies)

The Storm Whale in Winter is a sequel to the Storm Whale book. It is a story about friendship and how to care for others. (2+ years)

Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter (Eugenie Doyle)

Sleep Tight Farm is a picture book about how a family gets a farm ready for the snow that comes in winter. (2-5 years)

The Shortest Day (Susan Cooper)

The Shortest Day is a picture book with a poem about the shortest day of the year. (3-7 years)

Sneezy the Snowman (Maureen Wright)

Sneezy the Snowman is about a snowman who is too cold and keeps doing things to get himself warm, but with funny results. (3-7 years)

Worm Weather (Jean Taft)

Worm Weather is a simple book about rainy weather and the enjoyment of playing in the rain.

What Can You See in Winter? (Sian Smith)

What Can You See in Winter is an informational book about the wintertime. (4-6 years)

Snow (Uri Shulevitz)

Snow is a beautiful story about a boy and a dog who believe that the snowflakes will lead to something amazing. It was a New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year and Caldecott Honor Book. (4-7 years)

I hope you found these winter picture books for kids useful and that you and your kids enjoy reading them! You may also want to see some of my other posts such as Winter Books for Toddlers or Picture Books about Snow.

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