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Spring Themed Picture Books for Kids


Spring Themed Picture Books for Kids

The following are some excellent spring themed picture books for kids. They are a fun way to introduce children to seasons and to discuss the types of things that children might experience and notice in spring. These books will help them to enjoy what they observe in the world around them. There are also some books about Easter and Holi, spring holidays that children might celebrate with their families. These spring themed picture books are great for kids and will help them learn about the seasons, weather, and holidays during this time of year.

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Abracadabra, It’s Spring! (Seasonal Magic) (Anne O’Brien)

Abracadabra, It’s Spring! Celebrates that changing seasons, including changes in weather, plants and animals. (3-5 years)

What can you see in Spring? (Sian Smith)

What can you see in Spring is an information book about springtime.   (3-6 years)

Little Bear’s Spring (Elli Woollard)

Little Bear’s Spring is a book about a young bear who wakes up from his winter’s nap and wants to find some friends. The book captures changing seasons and what some of the different animals are doing to get ready for spring. (2-4 years)

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring (Kendard Pak)

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring is a simple book about what children observe in winter and how things begin to change in spring. There are other books in this series about the changing seasons. (3-8 years)

Spring is Here! (Heidi Gray)

Spring is Here is one book in a series about the four seasons. It is a lovely book for young children to learn about springtime. (3-8 years)

Rabbit’s Spring Adventure (Animal Seasons) (Anita Loughrey)

Rabbit’s Spring Adventure is a book from a series about the four seasons. It is an entertaining book for children that also helps them learn about spring. (4-7 years)

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms (Julia Rawlison)

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms is about a young fox who explores and enjoys all the beautiful surprises spring brings. It is one in a series about the four seasons. (3-8 years)

The Tiny Seed (Eric Carle)

The Tiny Seed follows a little seed as it is blown far away.  It survives a hazardous journey to eventually land and grow into a giant flower that eventually releases its own seeds. (4-8 years)

Plants in Spring (Martha Hillman)

Plants in Spring is about how seeds sprout and plants come to life in the springtime. (4-8 years)

The Honeybee (Kirsten Hall)

The Honeybee is a gorgeous picture book about a honeybee buzzing from flower to flower.

Some Bugs (Angela DiTerlizzi)

Some Bugs is a simple board book that looks at the many different bugs and what they do. (2-4 years)

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime (Alice Shcertle)

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime is a lift-the-flap book about a truck that goes on a spring ride. He sees blooming flowers and also meets some baby animals recently born on the farm. (2-4 years)

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt (Martha Mumford & Laura Hughes)

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt is a fun Easter-themed lift-the-flap book about hunting for eggs.  (Baby – 5 years)

Festival of Colors (Surishtha Sehgal) 

Festival of Colors is a book about the spring festival of Holi. The book is also a lovely way to explore colors and flowers with children. (2-8 years)

Miss Rumphius (Barbara Cooney)

Miss Rumphius is an award-winning book about a lady who promises to make the world a more beautiful place by scattering lupine seeds everywhere she goes. (5-8 years)

Let it Rain (Maryann Cocca-Leffler)

Let it Rain is about the wonderful things children will see and enjoy doing while outdoors in the spring. (3-5 years)

All About Weather (Huda Harajli)

All About Weather looks at all the different types of weather at different times of the year. It’s a great way to help introduce children to how weather works. (3-5 years)

I hope you enjoy these lovely spring themed picture books for kids! You may also want to see my posts Autumn Themed Books for Preschoolers or Best Winter Books for Toddlers.

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