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Teaching Kids about Gardening. Collecting Nasturtium seeds.

Teaching Kids about Gardening- Collecting Seeds

Teaching Kids about Gardening- Collecting Seeds from Flowers Teaching kids about gardening is a great way to get children outdoors and to introduce them to the world of flowers and … Continue Reading Teaching Kids about Gardening- Collecting Seeds

Shortest to Longest- Ordering Leaves by Length

Ordering leaves from shortest to longest is a fun measurement activity to do with young children during the autumn or any time. Before teaching children how to measure using standard units such as inches, centimetres, feet or meters, children should have experience comparing lengths so that they can understand what the measurement of length is, and how to think about what is long or short (relatively speaking).

Autumn Leaf Activities for Children

The following post contains a range of different autumn leaf activities for children that are related to the autumn season. I’ve done some of these at home with my children and others I have used as teaching activities in school. They all have a teaching and learning objective in mind, but some of them are focused on creative arts and design, whilst others are maths or science focused.