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Numeral & Dice Rocks – Ordering Numbers

My children love playing with rocks and pebbles in the garden. Writing numerals and sets of dots on them provides an opportunity for them to see and use numerals during their everyday play. Having these around for children to play with allows them to become familiar with numerals and numbers and gives them the opportunity for them to incorporate them into their daily play.

Easy Peasy Pot & Pan Play

Pot and pan play is a great activity for babies and toddlers to do on their own for short periods of time to help build their independent play but it’s also a nice thing to do together. Taking turns hitting the pots and copying what they do is a great way to bond with your child and continue to build attachments.

Play of the Wild – About Me

Love Learning <3 with Play of the Wild I’ve worked with children and families for over 15 years.  I have a background in therapeutic social work but have also worked in schools for many years. I went to the University of California (Berkeley) for undergrad and then completed an Masters of Social Work. After some time working with vulnerable children and families, I decided I wanted focus more on education. I completed a PGCE with the Institute of education and then taught in a London Primary School for a number of… Read more Play of the Wild – About Me